Why Pastured Eggs?

Free range as it should be.

Over the last two decades, consumers have become increasingly aware of the low welfare standards afforded to hens laying caged eggs. This awareness has led to a range of new ways to produce eggs, such as cage-free, barn laid and free range. Traditional definitions of these types of eggs refer more to the maximum stocking densities allowed and provide limited guidelines for the quality of outdoor area hens have access to. Pastured eggs go a step further in ensuring that laying hens are given unrestricted access to green pasture during daylight hours. We believe this results in higher quality eggs that are laid from happy and healthy hens and provides one of the most sustainable and ethical methods of egg farming.

low stocking density; clean eggs; happy hens.

Our Chickens

Happy, healthy hens!

At Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs we raise a mixed flock of laying hens, purchased from an experienced and well known breeder.  Some the breeds that make up our flock are Lowmann, Australorp, Isa and Rhode Island Red, which were chosen for their egg laying quality and easy-going temperament.

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